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To become eligible for a Grinnell-Newburg Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, each student must create a student profile.  Based upon your profile, you may become eligible to apply for local scholarships and for scholarships from other organizations who are partnering with Scholarship America.    Creating a profile and applying for a scholarship are two separate processes. Click here for instructions on how to complete your application and profile.

Graduating Public High School Students who reside in the Grinnell-Newburg Community School District can begin to create your profile at any time. If you complete a Scholarship Profile on this site now, you may begin using the site to search for scholarship possibilities now through Scholarship America.

 If you have questions, see Mrs. Pearce at Grinnell High School @

Here is a Guide for Creating Your Student Profile:

  1. Create a login.
  2. Create your profile. You will complete the information in each of the groups listed below.
    • Basic and Additional Info
    • School Info
    • Academic Info
    • Supporting Material
    • Activities, Awards, Employment
  3. Reference Section:
    • Request Transcript information from your Guidance Office
    • Request Financial Information from your parent or guardian
    • Request a Personal Reference from a person of your choice
  4. When the Grinnell-Newburg Dollars for Scholars application is opened on the site (in Springl), be sure that you've answered the questions at the "Additional Information" link.